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Bubble wrap - popular packing material

Packing material - bubble wrapBubble wrap is one of the most comprehensive protective packaging materials used by almost every Cheltenham removal companies. Air bubbles protects the product against shock and vibration. Using it provides full protection for fragile goods during transportation. It resists tearing, and thanks to its properties, it not only provide packaging protection against shocks, crushing and moisture but is also excellent cushioning material and is often used to filling voids in bulk packaging.

Bubble foils are available in various sizes depending on the size of objects to be packaged and the type of protection required. If you moving your house but decided to do all the packing on your own, you can ask your Gloucester man and van firm to provide you with required amount of bubble wrap, who should offer affordable prices as long as you move with them. From the other hand if you not moving, it may be cheaper to buy it online rather than directly from Gloucester removals supplies.  


Properties and use of bubble wrap

To protect against shock and vibration may be required to use several layers of foil. A single layer may be sufficient only to protect the surface of the object from scratches. Bubblewrap is widely used material to protect their products against damage and dirt during transportation. With its many advantages, this film has been used as a packaging material for securing items like:

Use bubble wrap to protect plates

  • furniture
  • glass
  • fittings
  • enveloping
  • various gifts
  • RTV and Appliances
  • ceramic
  • office equipment
  • advertising materials
  • musical instruments
  • electronic equipment
  • and many other products

The film can be in rolls, in sheets, inserts, bubble bags  and sleeves as well as a laminate of paper or foam.

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