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Making your house move smooth

Easy home movingHouse moves are daunting tasks that require a lot of planning and organisation. Moving an entire household to a different location is not an easy task and it involves a number of things to be taken care of. You have to call the self storage services, you have to start packing everything, you have to explain to the kids why you are moving, you have to talk to all the utility companies for a transfer or cancellation of services, you have to take care of the endless paperwork for the new house, and the list never ends. The idea alone is enough to make you pull your hair out. Nevertheless, with a bit of diligent planning things can be changed. Organisation is the key here. The more organised you are, the more stress free your move would be. Here are a few tips that can help you make your house move a smooth one.


Start planning early

When talking about a house move, it’s never too early to start planning. Get a planner- either a file or a digital one, as you wish- and start jotting down all the things that you need to do. Mark down even the smallest of things. Most of the times, we tend to forget things that seem most obvious to us.


Choosing the moving company

A DIY move is not a good idea unless you are young couple or a student hopping studios. If you are a family, it is best to hire professional Gloucestershire removal companies. These people know how to do this stuff and can help you get it done smoothly. Removal services are much more affordable than they are normally perceived to be. If you cannot afford full removal services offered by large removal companies, you can still hire Gloucestershire man with van. Always get quotes from at least a few companies before you finalise the one. Moving costs may vary in different companies. They can also help you in safe packing of delicate items, huge items like furniture, electric items etc.



There is no point taking old stuff that you don’t require to the new place. You would only add to the cost of transportation and will clog the space at the new home. You need a thorough de-cluttering session before you even start with the packing. Recycle, give away, donate, sell off- do whatever but get rid of the excessive stuff at home.


Packing the right way

Empty house - packing boxesYou can start packing the stuff well before the final move day. Using old cartons from the grocery store is not a very good idea. You can get sturdy plastic boxes of different sizes. Normally, you can get these on rent. Don’t over-fill the boxes so that they aren’t too heavy to be carried. Put durable stuff at the bottom and more delicate items on the top. If you packing fragile items, you should use bubble wrap foil to secure the most delicate items.Be very liberal with the labelling. Label all the boxes with what they contain on all sides. This will help you while unpacking. If you are unsure about a few things for the packing, leave it to the professionals.


Making it easy for the family

A house move is strenuous to the entire family. In all the tasks do not forget that your kids and pets might be as stressed about it as you are. Talk to your kids about the reasons why you are moving. Be honest with them. Make them a part of the move and tell them about the incentives of moving to a new place. This would make it a little easier for them. For your pets, you can give them to a family member or a friend for the week involving the move. Otherwise, seeing the hustle at home, they may freak out and get into deviously difficult to get corne.

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