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Moving costs estimate

Save money on your removalsMoving costs valuation is a process that depends on many factors. It is important the distance, quantity, size and weight of load, the difficulty of loading and the nature of the transported goods. Cheltenham Moving expenses can be estimated by phone but if it is large removals, it is best to ask Cheltenham removal companies if they offer free survey when somebody can visit your property and carry out moving survey and quotation.


Moving survey

Moving survey - checklistMoving survey is very useful in case of large removals and almost always recommended by Cheltenham shipping firms in case of every international removals. Experienced surveyor will come to you in a convenient time for you, will calculate the total volume of your private belongings based on which moving company will be able to provide detailed schedule and offer the most accurate moving rates. As a result of such survey you should get protocol, which will include all activities, conditions and materials necessary to perform the service.  Such valuation allows both parties to avoid surprises during the moving day. The company knows what to expect, what equipment and materials will be needed to perform secure relocation of your stuff, and you will receive a fixed price for the service instead of ballpark moving costs. The benefits to both parties, and it should be added that the estimate is free of charge and does not oblige you. As a result, the benefits for both sides, and it should be added that the estimate is free of charge and does not oblige you.


Moving quote enquiry

Send enquiry via emailSome of Cheltenham man and van firms don’t offer survey, as they usually specialize in smaller moves where it is easier to estimate costs without arranging such meeting. So before you call or send an email to the moving company prepare the answers to some questions that will determine the scope and magnitude of the work, and as a result, price of removals service. Best is to do a small list that can be used when sending an e-mail to inquire about the moving price. Here are a few things that moving company employee can ask you when preparing quotation:

  • collection and delivery address
  • FROM what floor and is there a lift (personal / cargo)
  • TO what floor and is there a lift (personal / cargo)
  • any difficulties that may be encountered in the home and destination location (narrow corridors, no driveway to the building, steep stairs, etc.)
  • things that will not fit into the elevator
  • furniture, which may require dismantling and other oversized items (such as armored wardrobe, safe, piano)
  • things that require special treatment (delicate items, electronics, glass, antiques, etc.)
  • whether home electronics and computer hardware has original packaging
  • whether packing service is required
  • whether you need documents storage services
  • whether you need packing materials (boxes, bubble wrap, other containers, portable dressing rooms, film, etc.)
  • any special requirements for the service (for example, some companies require that moving does not interfere with their performance in any way and all the relocation work must be carried out in non-working hours, e.g. at night)

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