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Movers Frequently Asked Questions

boxesEvery removals should be planned well. There is always a lot of problems and issues to solve when moving house or office. Based on our experience we have collected some of the most frequently questions our customers asked  when looking for removal services in Gloucestershire area. If you cannot find answer to your question please contact us using our contact form or live chat.  


What areas of Gloucestershire are covered by removal firms?

We work with many  removal companies in Gloucestershire. Most orders are executed locally in major cities such as Gloucester, Cheltenham, Cirencester. However, companies are taking orders covering the entire territory of the United Kingdom. It also happens to provide international transport services for both businesses and individuals.


What is the way to pay for removals service? Is it necessary to an advance payment?

If the move is local, early advance payment is not required, and payment can be made via bank transfer, cash or check immediately after the completion of the service. Earlier advance payment is usually required in the case of international removals or longer domestic routes.


How can I place an order?

Orders are accepted both by phone and e-mail. There is always the possibility of a personal visit in company’s office or to arrange a free survey in your house.


When and how will I get my quote?

In the case of quote for a small move of a local nature (like removals in Cheltenham  area), you will receive the offer during a telephone conversation with our consultant. If the application is for moving for a longer distance or international removals in Gloucester, our staff makes visual inspection at the customer site, on which the offer is being prepared. If we are not able to arrange a visit with the client, the offer is being prepared on the basis of individual arrangements made by email or phone. Usually, the calculation is performed on the basis of the list of things that will be transported.


How far in advance do I need to book a removal company?

The optimal time to hire a moving company is a period of about two weeks before the moving date. Of course, in some cases it is possible to realize move ordered even the day before, in which case it is worth a look at our Cheltenham man and van companies. We encourage you, however, to pre-booked appointments, especially if the change of residence is scheduled for the last week of the month, which is a period of particularly intense work and tight deadlines of moving companies.


How long it may take to move a house?

That's how long the service can take, depends primarily on the amount of transported property, as well as its individual requirements. Typically, a service implemented within Gloucestershire area lasts from a few to up to several hours. In the case of removals throughout the UK, the key role will be the distance between the two locations. For example, the average moving to Germany, it usually takes about 2 - 3 days.


How should I prepare for the move?

Rolling carpetAny customer using the services of movers, receives valuable guidance on how to prepare for the day on which you change address. These tips will differ depending on the type of removal, and individual preferences, but there are some indications of a general nature: we advise you to look through your stuff and check what needs to be moved and what you can get rid of,  sort out all administrative issues or make the general plan of placement furniture in your new house. We do not  recommended leave everything on the last evening – it will not work.


What determines moving costs?

Moving trolleyPrice of removals service depends largely on how much and what kind of things have to be moved. For orders delivered locally within town area, some companies use the hourly rate, taking into account only the time actually spent on the job. Fees for access to the client and back to the base shall not be added. For items with greater size and weight, the transport company often makes a separate valuation, it may be, for example, transportation of piano. If you choose full services removals with packing service you may have to pay a little more, but you don't have to worry about packing materials.

If the job will involve further distances, the greatest impact on the price will be in this case, the distance between the starting point and the destination.


Can I travel to my destination in moving van?

It often happens in the case of services on a local level, where the journey is not long. Time to time occurs we also take the customer for further route. However because the trip in the truck is usually not too comfortable, our customers usually choose to reach their destination on their own.

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