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Moving a home gym

Personal gym equipmentIt is great having a personal home gym. However, it can constitute some problems to you when you are planning house removals. Gym equipment is somehow heavy; and some of them may require to be dismantled before they can be packed. Besides, you may not be able to lift certain workout machines. You need to be burly bodied before you will be able to haul and lift some exercise machines on the truck and then bring it back when you get to your final destination. You may therefore require an extra hand to be able to move your personal gym. So instead of  Cheltenham van hire services you should rather consider hiring van with driver.

Exercise machines are available in a number of types and each machine may require its unique moving method. How you move personal gym therefore depends on the type of exercise machines that you have in your home. Some exercise machines are electronics and are powered with electricity. You should be very careful in handling such machines. There are some exercise machines that are manually operated as well. The key to moving a personal gym is to understand how a machine works and how to handle the machine. The user manual may be useful here. To avoid problems you should hire for this job professional Cheltenham removals company, however if you are moving yourself  a personal gym, below are some tips to apply when moving such equipment.


Inventory of gym equipment

Some people have large personal gym featuring a number of equipment while some people have just few exercise machines in their gyms. No matter the number of exercise machines available in your gym, it is important that you first list them before you start packing them. Get all the user manuals of your machines in case you will require them during disassembling. Go through the manuals to find out the tools you will require to dismantle a particular machine; and make sure that you have all the tools ready.


Moving free dumbbells

Free dumbbells setDumbbells are also known as free weights. They are available in different weights. There are some that are very light while there are some that weigh up to  50 pounds and above. You already know the pound of your dumbbell. Moving free weights are not very difficult because they don’t come with complex parts. The only problem you will encounter is being able to lift it especially if they are heavy. There are several means through which you can move dumbbells. You can pack them in reinforced box and use a dolly to move the reinforced box. Alternatively, you can tie the weights around any other solid items to be moved. But you have to ensure that the dumbbell is properly secured and tied around the dumbbell.


Moving treadmill

Moving treadmill on vanTreadmills are unique exercise machines. They are not like weights. You will definitely require dismantling them before you will be able to pack them. Treadmills are not difficult to dismantle if you have the right tools. So, bring the user manual, get the right tools and start dismantling the machine. Pack the parts neatly in a carton provided. If you don’t want to dismantle your treadmill, you can also transport it as it is. But this can be more expensive as it will occupy much space. Besides, there is the possibility of the treadmill falling down or getting damaged by another time. This option is more suitable for people that have their private pickups and vans. They can put the treadmill at the boot with the help of another person. When lifting the treadmill, make sure that you hold it at its strongest part. Holding lights parts while lifting it can damage such parts. You need about three movers to lift the machine on the truck.



It is also not easy to move an elliptical because of their weight and awkward shape. Check how to dismantle the equipment using the user-manual. Pack all the important parts and nuts together in a carton. You can also lift it direct to the truck. But you have to first remove the fragile parts. You need more hands when moving the equipment down the stair.



Mirrors are very important equipment in the gym. But it is very fragile and it is highly vulnerable to shock. You need to get the right packing materials for mirrors to protect it from shock or prevent it from breaking. Don’t use too much bubble wrap in covering the mirror so that it will be able to slide into the mirror box provided. Carefully load the mirror on the bus after packing it very well.  

Use one big box to pack other small equipment like you exercise mat, resistant band and others.

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