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Moving on your own

If you are not sure if you should hire a professional moving company or do it yourself, you should read the content of this article. Some valuable comments will help you make the right decision about which solution is right for you  and finally avoid unpleasant surprises during your relocation.

Cheap removals - more duties

Usually most people who decide to move on their own want to cut removal expenses . It is clear that such solution allows you to save money, but on the other hand you have to spend your free time, and sometimes also ask your family or  friend for help. Ask family for helpMost of the work that needs to be done when moving yourself, is related to the packaging, securing house belongings, car rental,  transport and unpacking.  Seems quite simple, but if you have never done it before, you can encounter some difficulties.
It is good idea to think whether the size of the move does not surpass our capabilities, especially when you are moving for the first time. If you do not have vehicle large enough, you will have to do a lot of courses, which can be time consuming duty and not economical. Of course, you can always hire a van or a man and his van, but in this case, ultimately it may be that the costs are comparable to removal firms still with all responsibilities and problems in our heads.

Another problem may occur if you possess heavy furniture or oversized items (like safe or piano) that may required disassembling services.  In that case you will have to ask your friends or family member for extra help but they may not be available on that day. By using services offered by moving companies we are confident that the experienced team will come fully equipped with relevant moving equipment that allows an easy way to transport oversized items.This prevents the risk of damaging objects in case of invalid protection during transport. All responsibility lies with the company performing the task, which are usually insured against such accidents. If you are moving because of work change, you may try to ask your employer if the company is able to cover your costs of moving, it not maybe they will offer you some support with your removals.

Treasure your free time

If you are not in a rush, you can spread out your relocation over a longer period of time  and transport  things in your free time. Only disadvantage is that instead of spending it with your family, you will have to focus on transporting stuff.  Family enjoying free timeBefore you decide to perform the move on your own, make a list of gains and losses and see if it’s not more profitable to save some money or save a lot of time and avoid problems and nerves.
There is a lot of companies on the market which compete each other so it’s good strategy to take advantage of sites that offer removal costs comparisons. You may be surprised how competitive price you can get. However, if the price is still too high, you can try to negotiate a price or opt out some of the services offered by the company, for example, opt out option for packaging and do the job yourself, buying only the relevant  packing materials. 


In conclusion, deciding to hire professional team offering comprehensive services you can avoid the problems and worries connected to your house relocation but will have to pay some extra money for such service. Below you can download some stuff which may be useful if you are planning and organizing house removals on your own. 

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