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Preparing office for moving

Office stuff in boxesMoving offices can be both joyful and troublesome event. Based on the experience gained in the field of removals and transport, we would like to share with you valuable information and give you a few tips that are useful regardless of whether you intend to use the help of a professional Gloucester removal companies or are planning to move the office on your own. Preparations for moving offices should begin at least two weeks in advance. You cannot pick up everything at the last minute. If you don't want to overpay for your moving you need to organize it in advance, to be able to book the best time for removals. The practice shows that the preparations for the move take much more time than you might think. Moreover moving the office has its own characteristics associated with the preparation of documentation, regulation of financial affairs and other routine obligations that may take a long time. We strongly advice to use professional Stroud removal companies or in case of smaller offices you can hire Cirencester or Cheltenham man and van team.


Description of company assets

You need to estimate the amount of transported assets of the company. All items that are in the office should be described by the following categories:

  • furniture,
  • objects of interior decoration,
  • office equipment,
  • kitchen stuff,
  • documentation,
  • safes,


Packing office assets

Office stuff in boxesThe next step is to purchase the necessary packing materials, especially if you are moving yourself, otherwise it should be provide by your office removal company. The amount of these materials should be increased by 5% from the initial calculation, so that during packaging did not lack anything. Prepare the cardboard boxes, styrofoam, brown tape, bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, stretch film, archive boxes, plastic crates. We advise you not to save on packaging materials. Much more expensive will be the purchase of new items that can be damaged during removal. Good packing and securing of items for the duration of the transportation will help avoid losses.


Packing documentation

We recommend packing all the documentation in the first instance, because after dismantling furniture and office equipment, it will not be easy to find anything.  Sometimes happens that during a move some documents are lost. Therefore you should make sure that all folders and workbooks are well marked and placed on the appropriate shelves. During the packing, documents from one shelf should be packaged into one carton, the contents of which should be described properly. With the proper description you will avoid chaos at the new site, and you will easily put the documentation back to the appropriate shelves.


Packing office equipment

Office equipment should be transported in its original packaging. Unfortunately, in small offices such packages take up much space and are discarded. That's why you need to prepare cartons with the size of computers, printers, scanners and other equipment. Larger office equipment before inserting into the boxes should be protected pieces of polystyrene foam and sealed with adhesive tape. Smaller devices can be wrapped with bubble wrap, taped and placed in boxes, describing their contents.


Packing items of interior decoration

Interior decoration items include lamps, curtains, paintings, mirrors, vases and other beautiful objects, through which office has its own unique style. As far as possible you have to dismantle and remove everything that is suitable for dismantling. Which reduce the volume of transported assets and you will save money on transportation.

Fragile items should be packaged in separate cartons, filling the empty space by loose fill peanuts or crumpled newspaper. Mirrors are transported wrapped in corrugated paper or bubble wrap and sealed with tape. Soft items should be packaged plastic bags.


Securing furniture

Even if your furniture is strong and solid, it would need adequate protection during transport. Furniture, which cannot be dismantled, it should be wrapped with corrugated cardboard and sealed with adhesive tape. All oversized item such as a large cabinets should be dismantled. You should remove the shelves and pack each part separately. Nuts, screws, fasteners and screws must be packed in separate bags, carefully describing them. Only then you can avoid the situation that during the installation it will be missing some bolts or screws. You have to remember that the painted surfaces can be scratched during transport. To avoid this, you need to wrap them with corrugated cardboard, or stretch foil and seal it all with sticky tape.


Loading and transport

TrolleyYou should order a truck with a capacity of a little more than that which occupies the property office. Better if it was some free space than it ran out, which would result in the need to hire another vehicle  and come with additional moving costs. But there are also situations when it makes sense to order two smaller commercial vehicles, than one large truck, which will not be possible to drive up to the door of the company headquarters.

We hope our tips will help you to move your office quickly and without losses.  We also invite you to take advantage of professional office removals services.

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